August 27, 2012

Recipes for Onam Sadya | Onam Recipes

I did a similar list of Recipes for Onam Sadya 2010 but since I have a lot more Kerala sadya recipes in the site since then, thought of doing an updated list. Since Onam 2012 falls on a Wednesday, me cooking the entire sadya is slightly out of the question. Ok wait, I haven't yet cooked a complete sadya myself so far, weekend or weekday, so.. err.. let's not go there.

I know some of you are planning to cook up a feast, literally, and judging by the few emails I got asking for easy Onam recipes, I think this list will be useful to many of you.

Moru Kachiyathu / Spiced Buttermilk (omit coriander leaves)

Ella Edible Garden Readers-num ente hridayam niranja Onaashamsakal!

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  1. Happy Onam Nags :)

    1. happy onam anjana. hope you are making an onam sadya this year!

  2. happy onam to both of you. hope your sadya is coming along great!

  3. Really Onam Festival Nice Recipes I like it. Thank You..

  4. Nice compiled list of sadya items....Looks so good to see all in one place! :)

  5. Happy Onam...nice list of recipes..

  6. List looks tempting, Happy Onam :)

  7. Happy onam :) Lovely recipe collections..

  8. your south Indian recipies are very nice !!


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