September 17, 2009

How to Grill an Eggplant (Stove Top Method)

I don't own a grill. The grill where you can do your barbeques and make paneer tikka and garlic bread? Yeah, I don't have that. Not even an anti-social sized one that helps me make portions enough for two. And before you ask, no, my microwave does not come with a grill.

But, does that stop me from grilling? Hell no! Being a self-confessed eggplant lover, how can I not grill it and make those yummy grilled eggplant recipes?

So I got an eggplant one Saturday.

It was nice and fresh and fat when I bought it on this particular Saturday. Unfortunately, I didn't use it for a whole week and when I took it out the next Saturday morning, it had slightly begun to wilt and rot at the stalk. Just slightly though.

That's ok. Just chop off a bit from the stalk part and place it on a plate.

Stick a thick wooden skewer or slim spoon or something similar through the middle of the cut portion.

Take 1 tsp oil and coat the eggplant well. Go on, don't be a wuss and use your hand to do the oil massage.

Switch on your stove and keep it on low fire. Hold the wooden skewer firmly and place the oiled eggplant near the fire. Keep rotating slowly making sure all the sides get even heat.

The skin will being to shrivel and the skin starts getting charred. Make sure no sides burn by evenly distributing the heat.

Place on a plate and let it cool a bit.

Peel the charred skin and remove completely. The resulting eggplant meat will be soft, semi-cooked and very fragrant because of the stove-top grilling.

We can make a bunch of interesting stuff with grilled eggplant. Watch this space for the recipes :)