September 9, 2008

Grilled Garlic Bread-Grilled Garlic Toast Recipe

Grilled Garlic Bread is something I made for Sig's Grill It event, but was too busy to post it on time. Its very simple and tastes heavenly. But, you need to be a garlic lover for that.

TH has sandwiches every morning and generally likes to stay from bread of any form over weekends. The one and only exception is garlic bread. We go out for pizza quite often and invariably end up stuffing ourselves because of the generous portions of garlic bread we ordered in the beginning. I like mine with cheese and TH likes it without. 

This is a grilled version of our good 'ol garlic bread, except that I didn't have baguette in hand, so used normal white bread and that its grilled on a toaster instead of baked.

Bread - 6 pieces, cut into triangles (Use baguette slices for a more authentic look and taste)
Melted butter - 4 tbsp
Minced garlic - 6 pods
Salt (if butter is unsalted) - 1/2 tsp
Chillie flakes and oregano - for seasoning

How to Make Grilled Garlic Bread:
1. Mix the butter with garlic and salt.

2. Spread this mixture lavishly on the bread pieces.

3. Grill on a toaster till both sides are golden brown.

4. Season with chillie flakes and oregano.

Enjoy hot!

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