August 3, 2011

5-Min Chocolate Mug Cake (with Eggless option) Made in a Microwave!

Making cake in a microwave, that too a microwave chocolate cake is a no-brainer to me. Most of my childhood stories that my parents relate revolve around chocolate in some form. My mom got so worried at some point that she did some research into what excessive chocolate-eating can do to kids (not very good things apparently), but eventually moderation became part of my life, even when it came to chocolate.

So yeah, I am a chocolate-lover. Also check out this microwave chocolate cake ready in 7 minutes!

5-Min Chocolate Mug Cake (with Eggless option) Made in a Microwave!

What this means is, I get these cravings to have something chocolate-y. I know many people have craving for something sweet (apparently it has to do with insulin levels or something) but my cravings usually revolve around chocolate.

5-Min Chocolate Mug Cake (with Eggless option) Made in a Microwave!

When 5-min chocolate mug cakes did its rounds in the Internet, I turned a blind eye and told myself it can't actually be chocolate cake if its made in a mug after a turn in the microwave for 2 mins, now can it?

5-Min Chocolate Mug Cake (with Eggless option) Made in a Microwave!

Well, it is. I recently caved in and made the darn thing one night at 9pm when I had to have something with chocolate in it. It took all of 5 mins to whip one up for myself (an additional 2 mins to make the second one for TH) and it was good. Really good.

5-Min Chocolate Mug Cake (with Eggless option) Made in a Microwave!

It was springy and fudgy and tasted just like cake, trust me. All you need is some basic ingredients which you probably already have in your pantry if you bake now and then. Even if you don't even have an oven, but have a basic microwave that only heats things up (like mine does) that will do the trick. Isn't it a delightfully scary thought that now there's nothing standing between you and a mug-ful of delicious chocolate cake?!

5-Min Chocolate Mug Cake Made in a Microwave
Preparation time: 3 mins
Cooking time: 2 mins
Adapted from Not Quite Nigella
Serves 2

4 tbsp flour
5 tbsp sugar (white or brown)
2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tsp baking powder
1 egg
3 tbsp milk
3 tablespoons butter (or any neutral oil)
A pinch of salt (if using unsalted butter)
2 drops of vanilla extract (optional)

How to Make Mug Cake:

1. Get your hands on two microwave safe coffee mugs that can hold about 250ml liquid (basically, nothing too small or the cake will spill over while cooking).

2. Halve the quantity of flour, cocoa, baking powder, salt and sugar and add into each mug. Mix well with a fork.

3. Then halve the quantity of milk, butter, and vanilla and add into each mug. Break egg into another small bowl, whisk with a fork and add half of it into each mug. Stir well until all the ingredients mix well. Make sure there is no flour stuck to the bottom of the mug.

4. Add one mug at a time to the microwave and cook on medium heat for 2 mins. Every microwave acts differently and mine is a very basic one with just two knobs, one for heat level (low, medium, high) and one for time. I kept mine on medium and set each mug at 2 mins. The cake turned out perfect. If your microwave can show power levels, etc, keep it at medium and start at 2 mins. You can adjust it once you take a look at your cooked cake.

Some Important Notes for Making Mug Cake in a Microwave:

- This cake is baked in the microwave mode, so if your microwave has a convection mode, don't turn that on.

- Stop cooking the cake when its still a bit fudgy around the edges. The cake cooks a bit more while cooling down (yes you will have to wait a while after it cooks!).

- For an eggless 5-min chocolate mug cake, replace the egg with 3 tbsp plain yogurt (1.5 tbsp for each mug). I've tried both versions and I must say the eggless cake is not as airy and nice as the one with the egg. Still, if you don't eat eggs, its absolutely acceptable.

- You can add chopped nuts, chocolate chips or sprinkles on the cake to jazz it up. Also, serve with whipped cream or ice-cream for an extra special tough. A great party dessert idea that gets done in a jiffy too.

- Almost all ceramic mugs can take 2-3 mins in the microwave. But don't blame me for potential explosions in your kitchen! Be careful what mug you use for this cake.

5-Min Chocolate Mug Cake (with Eggless option) Made in a Microwave!

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