July 20, 2011

Make Chapati Dough (Roti Dough) in a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

How to make Roti or Chapati dough in a Kitchenaid stand mixer

This may not a big deal for all you North Indians who eat roti or chapati every day. As a hardcore South Indian who eats them probably once a week, I hate making the chapati or roti dough. It gets sticky, I need to pour water with one hand and mix with the other, the stuff gets under my nails, and worse, it takes forever to clean my hand afterwards, not to mention the energy you need to exert to get it ready.

I got my Kitchenaid a few months back and while I don't talk about it much, we are really good friends now. So much more than we would have been because now I make my roti dough in my Kitchenaid!

Also check out how to make roti dough in a food processor.

If you are one of those people who got a Kitchenaid and hardly get any use out of it except those occasional days you bake a cake, please make use of your dough hooks!

How to Make Chapati / Roti Dough in your Kitchenaid

I have measured out the exact amount of flour:water ratio but this could change depending on the type of atta you use and weather and temperature where you live. Play it by ear the first time but note it down so that from the next time on, you can go on auto mode.

Ingredients (for 7 chapatis / rotis)
1.5 cups wheat flour / atta
1/2 cup water
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp oil or soft butter

how to make chapati / roti flour in a kitchenaid

Add 1.5 cups of flour /  atta to the Kitchenaid bowl.

how to make chapati / roti flour in a kitchenaid

Top off with the amount of salt you require.

how to make chapati / roti flour in a kitchenaid

Attack your dough hook to the Kitchenaid machine. Give the flour and the salt a whir on the lowest speed until its well blended.

how to make chapati / roti flour in a kitchenaid

Start with 1/2 cup water (for 1.5 cups flour) and slowly trickle it into the bowl with the machine running on lowest speed.

how to make chapati / roti flour in a kitchenaid

Keep it running until the dough begins to come together. You can add a drizzle of oil now (or do it at the end with your hands too). At this stage you can see if the dough needs more water. Only add 1tbsp at a time.

how to make chapati / roti flour in a kitchenaid

When the dough starts to come together, it will look deceptively dry. Don't get fooled by that. When its mixed further, it will be fine.

how to make chapati / roti flour in a kitchenaid

Almost done.

how to make chapati / roti flour in a kitchenaid

All done. See how moist the dough now looks? I didn't add any water after what you see in the previous pictures. Its possible that the dough is a bit stickier than how it turns out when you knead by hand. Add in a bit more flour and give a final knead with your fingers. I usually do this and also add oil (although nowadays I add oil when the dough is mixing because it doesn't seem to make any difference in the end). Adding oil is, of course, optional.

Note: you can use a maximum of 4 cups flour (and the remaining ingredients) to make chapati dough in your Kitchenaid. Anything over that seems to strain the machine and the blade tends to make some sound as the dough is almost ready.

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  1. I love chapati, roti canai and roti naan! I live in Malaysia so have this food fairly often. Great blog with lovely pictures!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  2. hi,

    here is the way 2 make soft c

    wheat flour-2 cup
    water-1 cup
    salt 2 taste

    boil water, butter &

    when it boils reduce the flame simmer
    add flour and mix for abt 30 secs.
    then knead the dough properly.
    now make d chappathi. it will be super soft.

  3. No joke, my Mr was just asking me if I knew of a way to make good roti in the mixer! Now I do :) Thanks for this wonderful share.

  4. Excellent pictures, and lovely gadget! I'm still saving up for one and hoping the KA will come to India soon. I make my chappati dough in the food processor and it turns out good, too. Actually I make all doughs in the food processor--even for bread.

  5. Nags,
    Can you share some details abt the KA?Not sure if you already have . I wanna know if its is too heavy to ask any of my frens to bring it from US/ UK. Also can I know the cost too.

  6. woww.. loved reading your post :)..
    Nags, once i had a kubbus type roti from my neighbours place.. it was so soft bt bit thickand super soft.. it was made of wheat and i felt that yeast was added to it.. she didn tell my hoew to make it(i think she felt i will put her secret recipe in blog).. i enquired this to many bloggers, mostly to muslim bloggers by thinking they will know it.. do you have any idea / have you tasted such one?? i felt its the appam process.. bt no idea..

  7. I love chapati though I've never yet tried to make any. Sadly, I don't own a kitchenaid.

  8. How simple life is with all these wonderful gadgets :)kewl! I use ultra grind atta kneader for this :)

  9. Wow wonderful post,clicks are too gud...

  10. Everytime when i use the ultra grinder atta kneader i remember you.Good that u bought a kitchen aid and so wow that u passed on the atta keader to me.Very useful post

  11. I am your newest follower and love the narratives! This is how my cook book should look! :)

  12. can i use this dough for the rotiboy ?

  13. The lengths we go to make life easy :-) I make all rotis, naans using the dough cycle of my bread machine. I'd like a Kitchenaid, but between the bread machine, the super mixer grinder and the blender I probably don't need it... but I still want it because the colours are so pretty :-)

  14. That's precisely my way of mixing dough too. Since I bought my kitchen aid, I have become too lazy and now mix the dough in it. I may forget the use of my fingers and knuckles soon ;)

  15. It looks very great. I like it.. Keep it up..

  16. thanks for this dear.. Iam sure this makes our life simple!

  17. I also make my chapati dough in the kitchen aid! It's so much easier than by hand. I make chapati dough about every other day. I used to dread it before but now it takes me just 2 minutes. Glad to see other's make it that way too!

  18. Thanks Nags, I am a bit Jealous as I have not yet invested in a Kitchen Aid. Havent been able to convince myself that it is worth the money yet, but I will surely overcome this fear in a few years ;-)

    I just use a normal food processor with the dough blade and the dough comes out perfect ..

    I actually dont agree with Mohan as the hot water will make the dough even stickier and loose.. so i recommend using normal water at room temp.

    We just need to kead the dough so make it soft



  19. Thanks for sharing that tip :) I use regular water at room temperature too!

  20. Thanks for the instructions. I follow a little different approach to making rotis and they come out pretty good and soft! I add a little bit more water and ghee to make it more soft.

    I recently was looking for some good KitchenAid mixers and bought one for $100($143 & $45 in kohls cash) during Black Friday deals. If anyone else is looking to buy...here is a good deal I found

  21. I have the kichen aid mixi for long time. I was also mixing chapathi with my hands almost every day, and it was a big chore. After I saw your detailed instructions, i used kichenaid to mix chapathi flour and it turned out so good. Thank you very much.

  22. was searching on how to make roti dough in kitchenaid and was pleased to find your post. you have explained so well. i liked the part where you mention not to get fooled by the looks of the dough... thats where experience counts. now i have a step by step guide explaining how to make the roti dough :-)

  23. Hi, would a hand mixer fixed with dough hooks work for making chapathi dough? I dont bake enough to warrant a KA but we do make chapathis almost everyday. And as a south indian i hate the stickiness involved in hand kneading. I have a hand mixer- would it help?

    1. from what i know, a hand mixer won't work for making dough because you need the mixer to be very sturdy. this dough is thick and needs strength.


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