January 24, 2009

Click Red - Hot & Sweet

After much deliberation, battery-charging, camera-tweaking, bending, hemming and hawing, I finally have the entry for Click.

I bought some dried cherry chillies from the wet market last weekend. Or what I thought were dried cherry chillies. They were actually dried red dates! Ah well, as long as they are red, it works. And maybe I can come up with some nice chutney or dip with them, who knows.

As I did last weekend, I took close to 15o pictures today and finally have my entry. I am so happy I can finally think of food without wondering what colour it is. Phew.

Hot & Sweet - My Click-Red Entry

Now tell me. If these were in a transparent, unlabelled packet in a shop selling vegetables, wouldn't you have thought they are dried cherry chillies too? There you go!