December 10, 2008

Kathrikai Podi Curry | Kathirikai Podi Curry Recipe

The Kathirikai Podi Curry that I have tasted is mostly dry but this variation of the recipe was quite attractive when I first saw it. I apologize to all those brinjal haters out there for posting so many brinjal recipes but these are quick and easy and one of the vegetables that are available at all times for me. Also, I love brinjals :D

Please note: Generally Kathirikai Podi Curry is made with small violet brinjal that's slit and the masala filled inside. In the recipe mentioned below, I have used the purple, long brinjal and added the spices along with the gravy to make a side-dish for roti or chapati for dinner.

Kathrikai Podi Curry | Kathirikai Podi Curry Recipe
Podi Curry is a traditional Tamil Brahmin Recipe except that I made a slight twist in it and added pureed onions. You can omit that and you will get a dry fry dish. I wanted something that was slightly soft and not fried.

Kathirikai Podi Curry Recipe

Brinjal / eggplant - 2 cups, cubed
Onion - 1 small, ground to a paste or chopped fine
Mustard seeds - 1/8 tsp
Oil - 1 tbsp (preferably gingelly/sesame oil)
Salt - to taste
To dry-roast and grind:
Dhania / malli - 2 tsp (or 3 tsp dhania powder)
Bengal gram / Chana dal / kadala parippu - 1 tbsp
Urad dal / uzhunnu parippu / uzhutham paruppu - 1 tsp
Dried red chillies - 4, adjust to taste
Curry leaves - a few

How to Make Kathirikai Podi Curry

1. Dry roast the list of ingredients until golden brown, cool, grind and set aside.

2. Heat oil in a pan. temper mustard seeds and lightly saute the onion paste. Then add the brinjal pieces and fry until they turn colour and get soft. Add salt.

3. Mix in the ground spice mixture and fry well for 3 to 4 mins. Remove from fire. Serve hot with steamed white rice and spicy baby potatoes.