September 6, 2007

Ghee-Roasted Bananas | Roasted Bananas | Quick Snack Recipes

Ghee roasted bananas were a regular in my tiffin box. This is one simple snack that's yummy too. It used to be my favourite 'tuck' when I was in school and my grandmom used to make it with so much of love and affection (not to mention the amount of homemade ghee that used to go into it - no wonder I was a fat child). Even the last vacation I went home for, Mary, our maid, made this and some pieces were deliberately overdone and burnt, cuz I like them that way. So here we go - ghee roasted bananas!

You need to use ethappazham or nentran pazham for this snack since those are the bananas that work well for this. So try to get ripe ethappazham to make ghee-roasted bananas.

If you like snacks with bananas, try out these banana chips made in the microwave or koftas with plantain.

Ghee-Roasted Bananas | Roasted Bananas | Quick Snack Recipes

Ghee Roasted Bananans

Ethappazham/nenthrapazham : 2
Ghee : 4-5 tbsp
Sugar : to sprinkle

How to make Ghee-Roasted Bananas:

Cut the bananas in circles. The pieces should be 1/2" thick.

Pour ghee into a pan and when it warms up, add the banana pieces. Keep fire in sim and fry them till they turn golden brown.

Sprinkle sugar generously when the banana pieces are still warm.

They taste crispy when warm and soft and spongy when cold.

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