August 11, 2011

Indian Menu Ideas - Small Indian Party Menu Ideas with Recipes

I'm always confused when I need to cook for more than me and TH. Confused on what to cook, the different combinations, how not to repeat the same main ingredient, balance the flavours, balance the time it takes so I don't end up staying in the kitchen the entire day - you name it.

So I figured many of you may have the same confusions so I am going to create some menu plans. Most of these are what I have done in the past so I know they work. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me a comment and I will add it in.

Work in progress, so stay tuned :)

Casual Dinner for Small Group (4-6 people)  - North Indian

Palak Aloo Tikkis

Main Course
Spiced Methi Parathas
Paneer Burji
Punjabi Chana Masala (recipe coming soon)
Yellow Dal Tadka
Peas Pulao