March 8, 2009

The Recipe Diary Contest Winners

A huge thanks to all contributors of The Recipe Diary Contest. It was an overwhelming response from a bunch of talented cooks who were gracious enough to share their delicious Indian recipes with me. 

I had promised a cookbook of their choice to 2 Super Contributors and one Super Chef. 

EDITED TO ADD: Due to the traffic on the last day, the Google document I was using in the backend to collect the information acted up and I missed out on one person who actually sent in the highest entries - 32 recipes!!

So the prize should also go to Sindhura!! I apologize to her for this mistake and she has definitely won a cook book of her choice too. 

The two Super Contributors are:

1. Sudeshna who sent in 30 recipes &
2. Kitchen Flavours who sent in 28 recipes

The Super Chef is:

Raks for her Suzhiyan recipe.

In my mom's words "This is a sweet that I always associate with my grandmom and her mom. Each year for Diwali, they made this without fail and as kids we used to wait to taste the first hot suzhiyan of the batch. Though I have made it many times myself, I could never recreate that taste. Rak's recipe is both authentic and easy-to-make which is important not to scare away today's generation. Hers is the first and the best recipe to catch my eye in the long list"

Winners, please choose a cook book from this link. Email me at with your name, postal address and your cookbook preference.

I now want to apologize now to all those who tried to send in their entries on March 3rd after 8:00pm IST. Since it was the last day for the contest, there was a lot of traffic on the form and the Google Docs at the backend was crashing. We feared data loss of all the existing entries so had to close down the form a little before midnight which is when I had originally announced the event would close. 

The good news is, this is just the beginning. Look out for many more events on a larger scale to take place here. Seat belts on? Good!