January 22, 2009

Clicking Red

This month's Click has been driving me crazier than it usually does. I have been obsessing about all sorts of red food and have been amazed to realise just how many of the things we put in our mouth is red or has red in it!

Taking on from a shot Bee took for the citrus theme, I tried the same with a tomato.

I am not that great with choosing light sources and angles and blah blah so it definitely doesn't look as good as hers but I had fun taking this shot. Yes, sometimes my idea of fun is having an almost-broken back!

Number of tomatoes cut up to get a slice I liked - 4
Number of shots taken - 84
Number of hours spent - 1:32
Number of hours my back hurt after bending over the bloody tomato - 3

The best part is, I am not sending this to Click. Not until I have tried out one more idea that's eating my brain. Sadly, I need to wait till weekend for the blessed thing that all food photographers turn to - natural light source!