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July 31, 2007

Kerala Fish Fry Recipe - Fish Fry Kerala Style

Fish fry is as common in a Kerala meal as pickles or papad. Any non-vegetarian living in Kerala will add fish in their daily menu regularly since we are a coastal state with lots of fresh fish available through the year. Although we are not Malayalis by origin, our food has also been highly influenced by the diet of Malayalis. Amma makes a mean fish fry and in a true Kerala-style too. This is her preparation and I am merely posting the recipe with the picture. Since its exremely difficult to get good fresh fish in Hyderabad, I am left with no other option than to eat Fish Fry when I go to Kottayam and take a picture there to share with you all.

Rich Dark Chocolate Cake Recipe

I am a self-confessed chocolate addict. I still remember feeling angry that people only seemed to give away fruit cakes during xmas cuz I was not too fond of them. But without fail, Omana Aunty, (Mrs. Omana Paul is a well-known caterer in Kottayam) our neighbour, used to send one chocolate cake. Rich, dark and absolutely yummy. This is her recipe and my mom makes it whenever she gets the chance and is in the mood.